Everyone is intimidated by the fact that one day they will grow old and become feeble and redundant. The general impression of old age is that of an invalid person, tottering along shakily or lying on a couch all the time, pumped with antibiotics and total helplessness. That is the reason why old age looks so scary. Old age problems do exist; but if some steps are taken, all these can clearly be avoided. Even old age can be converted into a productive phase of life. Here are some tips for maintaining senior health and fitness.

If you are still of young age, you can take steps to make your old age better. Whatever you do in your youth seriously influences your old age. Stop smoking and excessive alcoholism if you do it; and stick to a healthy dietary regime. You can talk to your doctor or dietitian about it and chalk out a health diet. For instance, if you cut down on the fats in your food, you will be saved from several cardiovascular problems that have become synonymous with old age. Leading an active life in youth is also a very important factor to ensure a healthy old age.

One point that must be kept in mind that the biology of the human body does not remain the same in the old age as it was when it was younger. When you have grown older, an important aspect is senior health and nutrition. Remember that you cannot consume the same kinds of food as you did earlier. Say goodbye to all fatty foods, red meats, sugars and such other foods that can cause harm to the body. Sugars, starches and fats are the main ingredients that need to be avoided. Instead, you can enrich your food in pulses, legumes, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, fish and even poultry to an extent. But try to avoid eggs and milk as they are very protein-rich foods. Today, senior health and nutrition is a very widely-discussed topic on the Internet too. You can conduct research and find out valuable tips to maintain a healthy old age.

Most old age problems occur because the body is depleted of the vitamins and minerals that once kept it healthy. Vitamin D, calcium and iron are the main vitamin and minerals that are depleted. These are the three nutrients needed for the proper maintenance of bones. In their absence, the bones tend to develop problems. Arthritis and rheumatism are the most common of these old age problems. However, there are several nutritional supplements designed for senior health and fitness available in the market. You can discuss with your doctor about them.

Finally, when we talk about senior health and fitness, it is not just physical health that we are talking about. We are also concerned of geriatric mental health. There are many geriatric mental problems, and Alzheimer’s Disease is just one of them. Since the basic functions of the brain go down with age, it becomes very evident that senior citizens suffer from depression. The loss of sexual functions can also lead to such depression.

Senior health care and support are the two main words that must be remembered when tackling old age problems. Along with care and support, a health diet and lifestyle are also extremely important. With these points in consideration, old age would not remain such a scary proposition any more especially if covered by senior health insurance.

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